BottleGame is the game we all know from our childhood.

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Spin the Bottle application

Spin the Bottle is the game we all know from our childhood.

It’s where the participants – friends or acquaintances - sit in a circle with the bottle kept in the middle. Оne of the players spins the bottle and towards whom the mouth of the bottle is pointed, will be kissed by the person who rotated the bottle. Interesting, hilarious and very emotional game! Mostly because sometimes the bottle will choose a couple of the same sex and a guy has to kiss a guy. BottleGame is a renewal of good old tradition but in the virtual space of world wide web.


In BottleGame video chat you can get as many kisses as you want and on the top of that you can present virtual gifts, play funny pranks on other chatters, text each other in common or private chats, have your own profile, upload photos, follow the players you like most.


In the “Make a Wish” room apart from kissing other players, you can also dance, sing, make and fulfill wishes.

There is also a PhotoKiss room where, if you don’t have a video camera, you can play using your photos.

There are many other densely populated rooms in the game where you can share interests, meet new people, make friends, chat and flirt. Be sure, no one will be bored!


BottleGame application is available in every popular social network as well as BottleGame app for iOS and Android mobile devices. Soon the full version of video chat will become available for iOS, while Android users can already video chat on the go!

Join our video chat community! More than 3 mln people are already in the game! And there is more to come!


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